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Stripping wooden doors

For a complete restoration of wooden doors and garage doors, Probois Inc. offers its customers the wood stripping service performed by its experienced technicians.

This service is useful and necessary when the condition of the wood and the finish show signs of drying out. Common signs include color fading, topcoat chipping, varnish bleaching, wood graying, etc. It should be noted, however, that restoration is impossible if the wood is in a state of decomposition; for example, if there are signs of rot, the wood is soft/wet, etc. The stripping service promises a 95% door refurbishment.

This service begins with the application of a gel stripper, which facilitates the removal of all traces of the old finish and staining. Once the wood has been stripped and neutralized, a first deep sanding is carried out. The flat surfaces are stripped using electric sandblasters and the moldings and engravings are painstakingly done by hand. There is then a second finishing sanding to soften and prepare the pores of the wood for the application of the stain. Our colorist performs a color match, as well as an on-site test to ensure the accuracy of the liquid dye recipe. The stain is applied with a brush and then wiped off with a cloth, just before spraying with a three-component solvent insulator used to lock the color into the wood, while isolating it at the same time. Finally, two coats of clear water-based varnish are sprayed on all the doors.

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