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Maintenance plans

For five years now we offer maintenance plans, to better respond to the needs of our clients. We offer contracts varying between 2, 3 and 5 years that garanty the maintenance of your exterior wood. We begin our work in the spring and we comme to inspect it again in the fall to correct any anomaly before the challenges of winter. This way, you’re assured to have impeccable wood as soon as summer comes back around.

Our maintenance plans are economical. In fact, in addition to obtaning the best treatment possible you’ll benefit from savings varying from 10 to 20%. This is because developping a long term business relationship with us allows us to reduce our marketing expenses but aso garanties that we’ll need a less intensive preparation in the future.

The best advise we can give you is to let us work on your project at least once. As soon as you see us work you’ll be able to appreciate our expertise.