Restoration, maintenance and stain application on log home : A PROBOIS specialty.

Houses and structures made of roundwood require a very particular expertise. Roundwood offers a unique style that is very sought out in Quebec. Unfortunately, it also requires maintenance donne by professionals in the trade since the steps manifold. Throughout the years, PROBOIS has developped a standardise process to the maintenance and restoration of roundwood structures.

The 12 steps performed by PROBOIS on log home structures

Step 1

Repairs on log that exhibits mold or other types of damages

Step 2

We apply chinking to all necessary gaps

Step 3

The washing or stripping of the roundwood siding, according to its original finish

Step 4

Treatment of the log using rods of borate and copper

Step 5

The sanding of all the surfaces of the roundwood : In an effort to maximize adherence and uniformity

Step 6

Washing the surfaces of the roundwood before applying any maintenance product or stain teinture

Step 7

For added protect we can apply an insecticide and fongicide

Step 8

Applying caulking on all the gaps of the roundwood is more of a necessity than a luxury

Step 9

Applying a primer on the roundwood can help with the uniformity of the finish

Step 10

Stain application on log home : The best techniques combined with the best products

Step 11

Applying of additional protective coatings on the logs and paint or stain application on fillers

Step 12

Applying the last coat on roundwood

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Log house with a touch of blue