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About us

Probois, specialized in exterior wood staining

Located on the south shore of Montreal, Probois was founded in 2002. Originally performing interior and exterior painting, Probois is now specialized in exterior wood only. The reason for specializing is simple. We want to offer the best service at all cost. Wood staining and painting is an art in itself considering the varieties of wood and their respective procedures.

Wood Staining Contractors

We’ve used more than 200 different products on more than 600 properties and on at least 30 different species of wood. All this experience has allowed us to perfect our maintenance and restauration service with the best products and the best technique in the business. In time, some minor changes are always necessary but rest assured that the foundation of our services has been perfected. Indeed, as trends involve so do we!

Our Mission!

Our mission is to offer the best exterior wood staining services in the province! Probois stands for : courteous painters, an undeniable expertise, the proper tools and an impeccable service.

All these values culminate into an optimal result that respects deadlines, the price and your expectations! It’s a promise.