Message from the owner

Probois is a wonderful enterprise that deserves to be known. We don’t want to skip steps, and therefore, prefer to expand slowly to make sure we always offer the same impeccable service year after year. We do not want to be the business that performed the most contracts we want to be the one that do the best, durable and most beautiful projects. This way of thinking has led Probois to become a reference when it comes to staining and painting exterior wood. It isn’t by chance they we act as counselors amongst wood distributors and wood related products. Our work methods are recognized appreciated and we’re proud of it.

Even today, after ten years of experience I strive to keep myself informed, by all means necessary, of the new methods, procedures and products that are developping in the industry.  I make it my duty to offer the best products in the industry while at the same time taking in consideration your needs and the opinions of the painters.

Bruno-Pierre Girard
Propriétaire – Probois