Respect of your propety

We know that starting a project in your backyard can often seem like a daunting ordeal. But rest assured, that with all of our experience we’ve developped a number of techniques to make this process the least painful as possible :

  • We take care to cover the ground with tarp wherever our painters will need to work.
  • We cover every object to make sure no paint, stain or dust ends up of them.
  • We make sure to move all moveable or fragile objects to prevent any accidents.
  • We use specialized equipment to make sure not to damage your floors
  • We use air purifiers in your homes to make sure all the odors don’t stay inside.
  • We use laminated drop cloth to make sure peint can’t go through.
  • We clean everything back the way it was before our passage.

We always make sure to assign the painters based on the size of the project. We maximize our teams so that their work can be done in the most efficient way possible. That way, you’ll find yourself back to your routine in no time.

We make sure no to pause our work. That is to say, we do not start a project and leave it to start another. We plan our projects so that everything can be done smoothly. In the end, the clients decides when we begin work and we always give you the estimated time that we’ll be finished and we always do our utmost to finish on time.