We have the best tools of the industry at our disposal

All types of sanders to restore even the most damaged surfaces : We use belt sanders,finishing sanders, orbital sanders and others to make the surfaces smooth. Our large selection of tools allow us to deal with any situation, however complex.

Humidity testers that allow us to analyse the wood : A little known fact is that wood that is too humid cannot be stained by any product whatesoever. The water that permeates the wood will prevent any oil-based stain from penetrating the pores of the wood. Likewise, water-based stains will become diluted.

Paint sprayers taylored to wood painting and staining : We use tried and true electric sprayers. Our paint sprayers have standardized pressure levels specifically established for each products that we use combined with the most appropriate tips for an impecable finish.

Specialy taylored stain applicators : Whether it’s waxes, linseed oils, stains or clear coats, we use the best tools for the job. Sheepskin, paint brushes and cheese cloths are used for staining. These tools offer the best penetration and uniformity when it comes to wood staining.

Painter’s sheets are always a prerequite for big projects : When we know a project will take a few days to complete we make sure we cover all surfaces to prevent accidents or spills.es travaux nécessitants plusieurs journées seront couverts, dans la mesure du possible.