PROBOIS, specialized in restoration, painting and staining of wooden windows

Any painting or staining project on wooden windows have to be taken seriously. Indeed, the restoration or mantenance of wooden windows requires precision and expertise. Additionally, the use of the right product can subtantially enhance the results that are achieved.

Sanding wooden windows  :

fenetres-bois-sablageSanding wooden windows has to be taken seriously. Since the sanding paper is very close to the glass of the window we protect it by masking all around the wood. In this way we prevent any accidents.

During the sanding process, we use different types of tools to overcome any kind of obstacles that may come up. Like deep moldings or stubborn stains. Patience is certainly a virtue when it comes to these projects.

Replacing broken glass tiles

Broken glass tiles will be replaced. We have a wide network of business and can therefore replace damaged tiles. Sometimes these are litterally cracked but oftentimes there are scratched from previous sanding. Finally, we sand around the window the window. With time, wooden frames can sometimes have difficulty closing. We correct the problem by sanding the interieur of the frame.

Application of putty during restoration projects

fenetres-bois-application-teinture_01Oftentimes, when it comes time to repaint a window it is also the time to replace the putty around it. We have in time developped an expertise when it comes to window restoration. Replacing the putty of a window, whether the window is recent or very old is a service we offer. Thus, we remove the old putty and replace it with the new. Note that the products made today, although of much better quality, are not compatible with old products.  Removing all the old putty is essential to a job well done.

Washing the wooden windows before applying the products  :

A good wash of the surfaces with methyl hydrate will free the pores of the wood from any dust, dirt and other residues. Often neglected, this step is one of the most important to guaranty that the paint or stain will adhere correctly to the wood.

Applying translucide stain on wooden windows


Applying translucide stains on wooden windows is almost always done with a high qualitybrush. Since the job of staining a window requires finesse, a reguar brush will not suffice.

Our stain procedures on wooden windows are always done in two steps : stain-application, followed by a coat of sealer to protect the coat of stain underneath it. The threshold of the windows are always the parts that are most deteriorated by the weather and dirt accumulation.  These are sealed twice to better protect them.

[box type=”bio”]Maintenance : Maintenance is done every three years in general. However, the parts that are most exposed to the sun may require maintenance every two years to avoid any problems.[/box]

Applying paint on wooden windows

Wooden windows are relatively fragile and because of this all of them are hand sanded to remove any paint or opaque stain that may be flaking.  Following this, we apply an oil-based primer on the wood to reinvigorate the pores that have been dried by the sun. After this, we apply an acrylique paint that will protect the wood from the weather and the sun while at the same time remaining flexible.

[box type=”bio”]Maintenance : A coat every three to four years will protect the windows adequately. We recommend yearly inspections to avoid any issues.[/box]